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"To travel is to live."

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Colorado 2014


My cousin and I were fourtunate enough to visit Colorado again in the summer of 2014 and it was one of the best trips I've ever been on. From visiting the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation, to soaking in the hotsprings at Joyful Journeys in the middle of the mountains and everything in-between, it was a gorgeous, relaxing vacation to remember. 

Chicago 2013


Chicago, IL will always be one of my favorite places to visit. There's always so much to do there, and I love the atmosphere of the city. One of my favorite aspects of the city to photograph is it's impressive architecture.

Arizona​ 2011

In the summer of 2011, I had the opportunity to go to Arizona with one of my dearest friends. I had never been anywhere like AZ before and immediately fell in love with it's wide open spaces, mountains and beautiful scenery.

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